Monday, November 27, 2006


Oh, the joys (?) of decorating with small children around!!!
I think I have learned the secret to decorating the tree......
I had my husband put it up after the little ones were all in bed,
then I decorated it all but for their own ornaments. When they
got up next morning they were excited to see the tree already decorated
and then to put on their ornaments. They were happy, I was way less
stressed out!!! And nothing got broken!
Easy crafts for the little ones:
We made stockings from construction (I just cut them freehand) and then
I put dots of glue all over and gave the kids each a small pile of buttons from
my button jar. They glued buttons all over the stockings. They had a ball.
Then I cut snowmen out of white paper and they glued them onto a colored
background (construction paper) and then we drew stick arms and then buttons again for nose, and buttons.
These activities cost next to nothing and the kids love them.
Quick little candies the kids can make with you:
Take several mini pretzels- either regular or waffle style.
Put an unwrapped Hershey Kiss or Hug on each pretzel.
Put in 200 degree oven and bake about 3 minutes until
Hershey Kiss is soft. Remove from oven and immediately
press a M & M into the melted kiss. Very cute and easy and
YUMMY!! Let them cool completely and put 6 -8 in a cellophane
bag and tie with pretty ribbon. Let the children take a bag or two
to your next door neighbors on both sides!! And to Grandpa &
Grandma! Have Fun!
Your children will remember these little things that you do with
them! I can still remember my mom making pies and she would
give me the leftover pie dough. I had these tiny cookie cutter and
I made cut outs and she helped me sprinkle them with cinnamon
and sugar and bake them. I can still taste them and remember
how special it was just to spend time with Mom doing the same
thing she was doing.

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